Jeffrey Epstein Supports The Edge Group

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is known for many things, but what he enjoys the most is hanging with stimulating and provocative thoughtful minds, who have achieved a high degree of success in finance, company, high tech, and scientific research. One of Jeffrey Epstein's favorite events is the annual "Billionaires" dinners hosted by John Brockman one night throughout the prestigious TED Conferences, held in Lengthy Beach.

It is a night where the large names in finance, business, philanthropy, and science gather together. For one night, the richest people in the world come face to face with the most intelligent individuals in history. At this event you will find personalities like Bill Gates and his wife, Jesse Dylan, Jeff Skoll, and other people interacting with each other.

Nevertheless, Jeffrey Epstein is more interested in talking about quantum computing together with the issues that come with it, which is really a topic adeptly explained by the billionaires and Google founder Larry Page and Sergy Brin. Where ever you go, there are intense, passionate discussions, on all sorts of topics, but it isn't the mundane that is discussed here, it is all about ideas, action, though, and what we can do to assist this planet, and expand the frontiers of knowledge.

Jeffrey Epstein supports the Edge group, and participates in its annual series of questions that it posts on the Edge Internet site. On no other forum do you have so numerous fine minds, provocative thinkers, and writers weighing in on the specific query of the day. Some of the responses might be mundane, but some, are truly insightful. Brockman, Founder of the Edge, generally takes the many responses and publishes them into a series of books, which make for a most intriguing read.

Jeffrey Epstein is one of the most active supporters of science and philanthropy and he prefers to finance those who are keen on pushing the boundaries of knowledge through their research. It is at these Edge events that he has made numerous cherished friends, engaged in lively and provocative dialogues, and has earned not just the respect of scientists in the most esoteric of fields, but also his financial support as well. Jeffrey Epstein is really a generous man.

In this ability, Jeffrey Epstein has sponsored a $100,000 Edge of Computation Prize, which was awarded to David Deutsch in 2005. The prize is awarded for conducting a solo scientific undertaking and extending the knowledge of computation. EDGE seminars are also being supported by Jeffrey Epstein and he invites you to check out the EDGE web site.